Sermons by Howard Martin

The Grass is Greener Where You Water It

Look at your life and see what you’re grateful for. In your conversations with friends do you talk more about problems or things you are grateful for?
Do you put conditions on your happiness? I’d be happy if…The grass is greener where you water it. Where do to your best to improve.

Saved by Grace. Communion Message

When we get grace, God gets us. Key to failure is trying to please everyone. it Leads to unnecessary stress and unfulfilled life. Instead of being motivated by desire to please others, be motivated by the grace of God.

The God to Who We Pray

Do I see God for who He is? Do I have the right picture? Where’s my prayer life now? Am I too busy? Are my prayers intense? Do I find time to get to know God on a different level? Prayer provides a bridge from desperation to confidence; from stagnation to involvement. Through the ages…

Walk His Way

The peace that comes from God is eternal. The joy that we have comes from above.
What does your joy depend on? Does your peace come from external or is it eternal? Are you easily troubled by surrounding circumstances?